For those individuals interested in further exploring the potential with GRN, this is a summary of the application process.

Following your review of this website, contact us (by phone or email) to request a copy of our Prospective Franchisee information package and to setup a phone interview. You can also download these items – management biographies, agenda of an educational day, and Pre-Qualification Form.

Once we receive your completed Pre-Qualification Form along with your most current resume, we’ll schedule a call to discuss your goals and answer your questions regarding GRN-Global Recruiters Network, Inc., the current employment situation and the professional search industry.

We may agree it would be beneficial to meet each other in person and setup an in-depth education. We’ll arrange your visit to the GRN World Headquarters in Chicago for this classroom day. During this one-to-one meeting with the operational experts at GRN, you’ll get the necessary knowledge to validate our industry, business and company. The expectation of the initial visit is to learn more about each other.

•During this meeting, you will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. This includes independently audit financial statements of our company, a listing of all franchise owners and their contact information.
•We will also give you additional support materials to assist with the due diligence process.

After your visit, the GRN staff meets internally to discuss your potential. You’ll have gained enough valuable knowledge to validate your interest in professional search, employment and running your own business. If we mutually agree to continue exploration, we’ll accept your application and assist with the due diligence process to help you gather the information you need to make a decision.

Call us now at 1-866-GRN(476)-8200 to get started. Let us answer all of your questions. Find out how we can contribute to your future success.